Granny Chic Cushions For Outdoor Wicker Patio Sets

You can dress up your patio or deck this summer by changing to Granny Chic Cushions for your outdoor wicker patio sets of furniture. You will not necessarily find the cushions under the term Granny Chic because that is the desired look you are wanting to attain. To get that look you will want to go with cushions and pillows that have a bold floral pattern to them, you know the ones that make you think of your Grandmother or at least a vintage or antique style.


Your patio furniture does not have to be wicker but it will add to the design elements you are trying to achieve. Your cushions with a granny chic style can also be put on more contemporary styles of patio furniture. That is the really cool aspect of this new interior design trend, mixing old with new for a fun and eclectic feel.

So, my advice is to create an entirely new look for your deck or patio just by changing the cushions on the furniture that you already have. It is the least expensive route to take, in my opinion. Of course if you are looking for new patio furniture in Wicker  Granny Chic Cushions For Outdoor Wicker Patio Sets or any style, you can pick floral cushions right from the start. Having a your patio furniture in wicker just adds to the charm and you can pick a traditional old fashioned style of wicker or a more contemporary style. The florals that give the Granny Chic flavor are what will make the best statement, no matter what style of furniture you have.

Choosing a tropical and bold Cushion Set Granny Chic Cushions For Outdoor Wicker Patio Sets like the one in the featured image is one option. Although, there are many color schemes and floral designs for your outdoor patio furniture cushions for you to choose from. Pick one that fits your own personality and color scheme for the outside of your home. Make your choice fun and whimsical or elegantly inviting, it truly is up to you.